Protecting Your Family's Memories For Generations To Come

Product Architect Launched in 2011

  • Prototyped UI

    Wrote Product Requirements

  • Created Brand Identity

    Crafted Messaging & Positioning

  • Ran Focus Groups

    Wrote Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Application Features
  • Albums Classified
    by Year


  • File Level Permissions

    Custom Groups

  • Bulk Uploading
    & Batch Edits

    Message Center

The Details

My buddy Harsh and I created a platform to store and protect your family’s memories for generations to come. We created Liaga, “Life is a Great Adventure,” which let families upload pictures and videos to the cloud. They would get access to a rich family photo album that would last a lifetime.

The site enabled users to upload raw files, set file level permissions, edit in bulk, and communicate with family members in one secure environment. Liaga was truly a private social network.

We self-funded the site and reached 45,000 users. With timing not on our side we decided to discontinue supporting the site when we could not dedicate enough time to meet the growing demands of our users.

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