A Lil' About Me

My name is Abe McCallum, and I am a Product Architect.

I grew up in Mill Valley, California and fell in love with taking ideas and turning them into products that made money. When I started my career, I didn’t even know what a product manager was or what it took to be an entrepreneur. All I knew was that I had an eye for seeing things before others and I worked relentlessly to make that a reality. Through these experiences, I have had the tremendous opportunity to work with several companies in fintech P2P payments, music, online advertising, fashion, publishing, and CPG to craft beautiful products that have been used by over 100 million people.

I constantly work to master several key talents, which include: product management, product design, branding and content strategy. Each of these on their own are highly valuable, when you combine them with my leadership and operational skills, you get someone who is highly adaptive and able to craft products for a wide range of clients.

My strategy for creating successful products is to start thinking from the customer's point of view. I ask myself the most important question: WHY. Why this product, why does it matter? Getting inside the customer's brain, figuring out what makes them tick, and more importantly, what will make them buy is the most important part of product design. After all, if you are not creating a product that fills a need then why create the product at all?

I look forward to creating things that people fall in love with and leaving my stamp of awesomeness on the world. As my mantra goes: “Simplicity Solves Problems”

Fun Facts
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Incredible People I Have Worked With & Admire
Max Martin Savan Kotecha Faizal Iqbal Denise Steve Kipner Andrew Frampton Joaquim Vilella Gallart Arjun Dev Arora Erik Stocker Lauren Keeley Patrick Ng Don Morrison Joao Oliveira Simoes David McCord Harsh Grover Joao Madureira Nausika Georgakopoulou Anees Iqbal