IaaS for the Travel Industry

Product Strategy Launched in 2014

The Details

Olset (Acquired by Deem) was an Information as a Service software company for the online travel industry. Their product enabled travelers to get personalized results for every travel search saving them time and money. Olset approached me to help them refine their product strategy and hone their product offering. My first objective was to look at how the company positioned itself in the market and then refine the messaging to align the product offering to the mission of the company. I rewrote the company’s marketing materials enabling them to hit their target market with a succinct message.

While working on the product strategy, we identified parts of their product suite that did not align with their core mission and eliminated them, focusing the engineering efforts on product development that would maximize their time and investment. As the product offering became refined, I prototyped the new UI for the public website and designed it to support the company’s core product offering. Part of the branding effort for the public site allowed me to refresh their mission statement and craft their tag line.

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