Audience Insights Platform for Advertisers & Publishers

VP Product & Design January, 2012 - April, 2013


Drove $2M in New Revenue

Developed Mobile & Video Sales Strategy

Setup Partnerships with Flite, Innovid, Celtra


Identified $500K in IT Cost Savings

Implemented Agile Development

Wrote Paper with IAB on Responsive Design

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The Details

Martini Media (affluent ad network, acquired by Evolve Media) approached me to build out and run their product team. My initial focus was to help the company drive new revenue. Through a series of partnerships and training the sales team how to sell mobile & video advertising solutions more effectively, we were able to add $2M in new revenue during my first year.

The next major goal was to develop a product that the company could market independently of the traditional ad network model. This would help the IP value of the company and create new revenue streams. With these goals in mind, I conceived their Audience Insights SaaS Platform; Vesper. Vesper was a self-serve platform that enabled advertisers and publishers to get an exact view of the audience viewing their ads and people on their website. With this knowledge advertisers could buy ads more effectively and publishers could monetize their inventory better.

Vesper started with just a spark and my team designed every piece of the product from the name, tag line, user interface and experience, product requirements, data taxonomy, product pricing, strategic partnerships, to launch strategy.

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